We believe in the systemic nature of projects. We believe that there are 3 primary systems that inform our work – People, Products and Processes

We overlap these systems in our thinking to create a nurturing space – to operate within and to create in our design solutions

We are founded on principles of best practice to show how an exemplar practice informs People’s lives, architectural Products and creative Processes

We believe that no matter what scale, projects generally exhibit characteristics of complexity. Complexity is not to be confused with complicatedness

We understand that each project is unique – clients and their needs are unique, each site/each setting/all constraints are unique

We always aim to listen carefully and respond individually. We are not formulaic – this is what we mean by bespoke

We climb into our client’s heads and then jump out of them again to look from different perspectives/views/angles 

We believe in the use of sustainable practices to produce designs that deliver projects that are socially, economically and environmentally beneficial

We aim to make each project future proof in terms of layout, design and choice of materials – resulting in longevity

We see design as process – solutions are not ‘prescribed’; they are meaningful because they have been tested

We test through modelling accurately in 3d CAD – this allows everyone to see - inside and outside. Outside: how volumes and shapes relate to context. Inside: how space is used and can be used best. Everyone can understand this, not only the ones who are trained to read plans, sections and elevations

We collage – we strip materials into modelled views to get a feel for materiality

Materials are tested to see how they read together as an overall composition

We research – best technical solutions